Blurry lines

We live in a world where all the lines are becoming blurred even the line of what is living. Truth is subjective because we decided it should be. Nothing is based on fact anymore and moral absolutes are becoming a thing of a distant past. The more we blur the lines the less we will see clearly. Eventually the line between right and wrong becomes blurry. And if right and wrong become subjective then we create a world of self truth and chaos is the result.

People are searching for truth despite what the popular narrative might be saying. Moral truths used to be the bedrock of our thriving society. When we replace truth with a “pick your own truth” narrative, then we have become solicitors of lies and creators of our own demise.

We all need something solid to build on. Houses need foundations that are ‘true.’ If the foundation of a structure isn’t true it is unbalanced and will not withstand the test of time.

If we don’t stand for truth and teach our children truth how could we ourselves build anything lasting? Truth is not subjective and cannot be, it is absolute. Find the truth and you will find God, find God and you will find life, find life and you will find freedom!